Your Training Journey

Comprehensive Curriculum


Providing you with all the theoretical knowledge you need.

Extensive hands-on practical training


Ensuring you are safe & confident to begin treating patients.

Support and


Providing you with everything you need to be successful in aesthetics.



Ensuring you implement your skills and continue to grow in aesthetics.

“My promise is to fully support you throughout your training journey AND beyond, to ensure you are safe, confident and predictable in your treatments, and to ensure you are implementing your skills”

Dr. Sheila

"My promise is to fully support you throughout your training journey AND beyond, to ensure you are safe, confident and predictable in your treatments, and to ensure you are implementing your skills"

Learn More About Me

Dr. Sheila is a multi-award-winning cosmetic dentist with a special interest in full face rejuvenation in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. She qualified as a dental surgeon from King’s College London, and also holds a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary University of London, for which she was awarded with a distinction. She also holds a first-class honours degree in Biomedical Science. Sheila has been delivering training in medical aesthetics for over 7 years, and has delivered non-surgical injectables training to more than 900 doctors, surgeons, dentists & nurses. As well as being a trainer for Sinclair’s premium filler range, Maili, she is also undergoing accreditation to be an accredited trainer for their biostimulatory filler, Ellanse.

She is passionate about supporting and mentoring dentists in transitioning in to the field of Aesthetic Medicine and about raising the standards in the practice of safe and ethical facial aesthetics, which is why she set up Mediject.

As a full member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, she also sits on two committees, actively promoting excellence, ethical practice and education in cosmetic dentistry. She takes great pride in delivering high quality ethical treatment and training, dedicating a tremendous amount of her time to continued lifelong learning by attending masterclasses and conferences both nationally and internationally, renewing her expertise to deliver the safest, most up to date and evidence-based techniques to her patients.

Sheila works and trains full time in Aesthetics. She is the medical director at Aesthetics Labs, an award winning, luxury medical spa in Primrose Hill and the associate medical director at award winning Dr. Leah Clinics. She was also the former medical director at Beyond Medispa, a boutique medical spa in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge. Sheila also practices injectables at ACE Dental on Wimpole St, where she see’s referrals from other dentists for functional aesthetics, helping patients with management of pain from bruxisim and TMD, and restoring function utilising neurotoxin. Sheila also has a special interest in treating Asian faces, and she currently see’s patients at EC Clinic on Harley St where she performs a range of advanced, non-surgical treatments to contour and lift the face using a combination of threads, collagen stimulating dermal fillers & neurotoxin.

Sheila shares her time with her daughters, treating patients and mentoring dentists. She is fiercely passionate about supporting dentists and high quality aesthetics training.


YOUR TRAINING JOURNEY: Experience training with Mediject

YOUR Training Journey

Experience Training with Dr. Shiela

Whether you are completely new to facial aesthetics or have been on a previous course but find yourself still lacking in confidence, I can help. I have been teaching courses in basic and advanced aesthetics for over 4 years and have trained more than 400 dentists, doctors and surgeons in the field. I am a mentor for newly qualified practitioners of safe and ethical facial aesthetics and equipping trainees with the skills to confidently practice safety.

  • My goal to comprehensively teach you the skills which will leave you confident and safe to go away and put into practice immediately, with support afterwards to ensure you continue to practice safely and effectively.
  • I have a hands-on, personalized approach when it comes to teaching, demonstrating procedures and encouraging you to gain as much practical experience as possible

Training with Dr Sheila

Dr. Sheila is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help fellow healthcare professionals. With her unique and personal approach in teaching, her students gain more confidence in practicing safely and effectively.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Extensive hands-on Teaching
  • Business Advice
  • Professional Development and Support

A comprehensive curriculum: Providing you with all the theoretical knowledge you need

Providing a curriculum of principles & theoretical technique in medical aesthetics, including photography, assessment, treatment planning, marketing, and social media.

Extensive hands-on practical training: Ensuring you are safe & confident to begin treating patients


Practical teaching in the full face approach in toxin & dermal fillers in small groups and 121 preparing you for the consultation process, to assess, treatment plan and execute full face treatments for all your patients.

Support & mentoring: Providing you with everything you need to be successful in aesthetics


Group accountability and mentoring sessions to ensure you implement your skills, to provide support, and to ensure continued progression in aesthetics.

Career progression: Ensuring you implement your skills and continue to grow in aesthetics


Further training and direct support for complex cases, treatment planning, and complications, and continued progression in aesthetics.


Mentoring & training in medical aesthetics

Predictability & confidence in full face aesthetic treatments

Suitable for:
  • Those who have attended previous training but lack the confidence to treatment plan and implement treatment
  • Those who want to gain more comprehensive assessment, treatment planning and injectable skills in treating the full face using a combination of neurotoxin and dermal fillers. Those who would like to learn the functional elements of aesthetics to add into their daily clinical practice such as management of parafunction, TMD and lip stabilisation.
  • Those who have not had any previous training in aesthetics, and want to learn a complete and comprehensive way to manage patients using a combination of neurotoxin & dermal fillers.
  • Those who have experience in non-surgical facial aesthetics and want to gain more comprehensive training, and mentoring to further developing their advanced skills, allowing them to treat more complex cases safely and predictably.
  • Dentists who are wanting to transition or move over into facial aesthetics entirely.


For more information, book a 121 call with Dr Sheila